All Aboard: Classic Board Games for Android You Will Love

Wendy Hubbert


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Let’s face it: boarding games will never die. Their gameplay, simple and catchy, will be with us forever. Generations of consoles will come and go. Snapdragon chipset will evolve up to the point when it can handle GTA V. World of Warcraft will release its last update. But board games will stay here till the end.

We’ve selected a list of classic retro-games that you, your parents and grandparents have been fond of for years. Enjoy!

Monopoly — Baby Capitalist Shark, Doo-Doo

Board Kings game screenshot

If any boarding games can teach us real-life skills, then Monopoly is sure one of those. The saga of avaricious Rich Uncle Pennybags began back in 1936. Since then, generations of home-grown tycoons have been learning the basics of monopolization.

As you start with a humble capital and a few enterprises, your goal is to take over the entire board. Buy railroad stations, banks, hotels and whatever other property you can.

At some point, all the assets will be redistributed among players. So it will be up to you to force them through the cunning strategy to sell their businesses. Anything works: lending Monopoly cash, sabotaging the rivals’ economic growth, threatening, etc.

Speaking frankly, Monopoly accurately portrays the world of big business. You have only one shot to become the king of the entrepreneurial hill. Every mistake that you make will be used against you. You should have no feelings or emotions when an investment opportunity presents itself. And at some point, you risk getting locked up.

Google Play has a bunch of Monopoly games. The ones that are close to the original title include CrazyPoly by NeatHippo, Board Kings by Jelly Button Games, etc.

Monopolize the city, grow a puffy mustache and have family-friendly fun with Monopoly!

Chess — The Game of Kings

Chess by AI Factory game screenshots

This game is almost 3,000 old. And yet its gameplay is as challenging as ever. Besides, isn’t chess the most elegant game? It’s favored by Sherlock and Professor Xavier. Harry Potter had to play giant chess to sabotage Voldemort’s plan. And every major villain is secretly fond of them.

Chess is all about selecting the right tactic. You can either choose a bold offense, trying to overthrow your opponent in three moves. Or you can take their army out piece by piece. Use whatever works — no other game is that close to the Sun Tzu’s philosophy of war.

Chess is also a living proof that old can be gold. This humble game will develop your logic, memory and strategizing skills. And also it’ll be easier for you to make important decisions faster. And of course, there’s some elusive charisma about playing it.

There are numerous chess adaptations for Android. Some have simple isometric visuals and an AI with a few difficulty levels. Others offer luxurious 3D graphics, a very intelligent AI opponent, multiplayer and leaderboards.

Chess Tactics Pro, Chess by AI Factory, CT-ART and others are free and definitely deserve a try. If you’re a beginner, they will show you the ropes. If your chess skills more advanced — welcome to online tournaments!

Chess for Android will positively affect your gray matter and make you look like the agent Bond’s arch nemesis.

Scrabble — My Words Are Weapons

Classic Words Solo game screenshots

Everybody played Scrabble at least once. And if they fiercely deny it, that means they still play it. Which is a great thing: a session of Scrabble is very enjoyable when shared with friends or family.

With 4 players max per game, you’re tasked with a true challenge — placing up tiles, so they make words. But only legit words from a dictionary count. Nothing like Magtampisaw, Gulseong-gulseong or Connecticut can be accepted.

Probably, Scrabble reanimates some warm memories in your mind. But the good news is that you don’t need to wait for another family fun night to enjoy it. There’s plenty of Scrabble titles for Android. Among them you will find Classic Words Solo, Aworded Crack, Scrabble Go, and others.

Play Scrabble to enhance your vocabulary and use it to defeat opponents online.

Snakes and Ladders — Straight outta Ancient India

Snakes and Ladders game screenshots

If you love spiritual enlightenment, yoga and Starbucks — Snakes and Ladders might be your new thing. It was invented millennia ago on the Indian subcontinent. And the central idea of its gameplay is to complete a spiritual journey, avoiding snakes. Or evils of life in other words.

Climb up the ladders and avoid snakes — it sounds simple. In reality, the game is a bit more intricate. It involves rolling dice: the number you get equals a number of squares you move forward. But since it’s all up to the blind luck, beating Snakes and Ladders can be a challenge.

Its Android versions feature multiplayer. So, prepare for a real battle with two or more players. Since there’s not much room for tactics, you can just relax, sit back and let your good luck take care of things. (Just don’t bet money).

Snakes and Ladders is a wonderful game for those who appreciate meditative gameplay.

Checkers — IQ Check

Checkers game screenshot

Checkers is the younger cousin of chess. Probably, this is why its game tempo is more energetic. And the game itself is more reckless — it combines strategizing with bold moves and cunning schemes.

Just like in chess, you get an 8x8 board. But unlike in chess, where every piece has a rank and a move trajectory, in checkers all pieces are equal. But only until one of them reaches the opposite side of the board. Then it becomes a king and can do a literal massacre with your opponent’s pieces.

The game is fun, dynamic and sometimes a bit aggressive. If you’ve never played board games that require logic before — it is perfect to begin with. And a lot of its Android adaptations offer online multiplayer and various rules: Russian, Canadian, Turkish, etc.

Checkers is a brisk workout session for your brains.

You Won’t Get Bored with a Game on a Board

Most of these fine games are free to enjoy. So we hope you’ll get a healthy dosage of nostalgia and hours of fun playing them. Which boarding games are your all-time favorites? Which would you recommend? Let us know in the comments!