Battle Royale Comes to Call of Duty

Wendy Hubbert


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Good news for all Call of Duty fans. The popular franchise decided to keep up with the trends, and the new mode, titled Warzone, is being launched. The PUBG-like mode is already available for three major platforms: PC, PS4 and Xbox.

Warzone is free to play. It features classic Battle Royale number of players — 150 people per session. The massive bloodshed will go on until the last team is victorious. Or you can try the Plunder mode. In this scenario the team with the fattest pockets wins.

However, CoD developers decided to add a few unique touches. First, all players are divided into teams of three gunmen. That means the max number of players will be grouped in 50 squads.

Second, each team can land a Contract during a match. By fulfilling such a Contract, you can procure extra Cash and loot. In turn, Cash can be spent on weaponry, ammunition and other useful stuff. All this equipment is available at Buy Stations.

However, #1 unique gimmick of the game is that you can return from the dead There are two ways: a) Defeating a random enemy in a PvP duel b) Using a Self-revive Kit. The central battlefield of Warzone is situated in Verdansk, the city with a strong post-Soviet vibe.