Doom Eternal Gets a New Dramatic Mode

Francesca Nicasio


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Bethesda, in alliance with id Software, presented a new multiplayer mode for Doom Eternal. It’s titled Battlemode, and it has been proudly shown during the PAX East. And what we can see so far is that Battlemode has a fresh gameplay approach.

First, it’s based on a concept of asymmetry. One player who chooses the role of the Doomslayer will face two enemies at the same time. That is two opposing players who are doomed to be demons.

At the moment, there are five demon classes to pick: the Revenant, Pain Elemental, Mancubus, Arch-vile and Marauder. Their arch nemesis, The Doom Slayer, is so dangerous that demons will have extra talents.

One of them is summoning AI minions. Another is laying hazardous traps. But what’s especially cruel is that the Doomslayer can be temporarily blocked from getting ammo and loot through one of the demonic skills.

Once a round is over, every player can select one upgrade. These upgrades influence various stats, from armor to fire damage, and stay with you till the end of the match.

“We wanted a mode that had a lot of deep strategy, a lot of drama, and varied pacing,” said game director Hugo Martin. The mode is also heavily oriented towards Twitch streamers.