Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter Gets A Battle Royale Mode: Learn What’s in It

Francesca Nicasio


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While Fallout 76 has been severely criticized from the beginning for some strange implements, like giving up NPC’s, or lack of a solid storyline, the developers from Bethesda seem to regulate the situation perfectly. In 2019, Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter gets a new mode. You’re absolutely right. It’s Battle Royale.

When Everything’s Gone Wrong

Fallout 76 Gameplay

Online features introduced in Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter seemed to contradict the unwritten values of the franchise. First of all, where have all the NPC’s gone? The answer is obviously “To the previous installments”, but it’s not what fans wanted to hear.

The second idea new to Fallout was that the player has to be online in order to play. That means, servers are at work constantly, and sometimes they would just give up, unable to handle all the visitors. Another flaw. No good.

So what does Bethesda do to prevent players falling out of the project?

The Recipe of 2019

Sheldon Cooper said that “everything is better with Bluetooth”; similarly, game developers may state that “everything is better with Battle Royale” just as firmly. With Fallout 76, it seems the most logical solution. Battle Royale doesn’t need a narrative or a storyline with multiple turns and choices. Battle Royale involves no NPC’s (at least, this is implied). Battle Royale needs an online open world with an aggressive environment and action-based core game, and that’s what Fallout does have.

There’s literally nothing to invent. Vault 51 needs an overseer, and that might be you. After the deployment you’re all equal, with no specific weapons, but you can find them in crates found randomly all over the map. Nothing you bought or earned in Survival or Adventure can be brought to BR mode.

51 Dead for Vault 51

Fallout 76 Screenshot

It must be a cynical wink that there can be up to 52 candidates for the place of Overseer, but Vault 51 only needs one. The rest should kill each other in combat, or while fighting monsters, or under the storm covering the entire area, with the exception of its eye. That is, we play a Battle Royale play in decorations of classical Fallout 76. You select your point of deployment before the game, and, as it starts, everyone’s position reveals.

The control system remains just the same as it was in the original game. And visuals didn’t need a significant change to fit the new gameplay. The most important events pop up as a note on the screen, about someone getting killed, or the storm coming.

The default mode for playing is team, that can be formed before the game or randomly at the start. Teams can have up to four members, and if one of the team gets killed, others can revive them. It’s also something we have seen in other BR games, nothing to wonder.

The First Reviews

Fallout 76 Gameplay

Let’s admit that the idea of Battle Royale in the middle of 2019 couldn’t have been original by any means. That’s why it’s no wonder that some call the result a compilation: the building features have been copied from Fortnite, the fire surrounding the players from Firestorm, the visuals seem inspired by Borderlands, and the random creatures you encounter seem to have moved from Black Ops BR.

Still, the first impression is mixed. Some say it’s just what was necessary for Fallout 76 to make any sense. Others note they’re fed up with Battle Royale these days, and joke about this method leading to inevitable victory (in fact, not).

To Play or Not to Play?

Is there any reason to prefer Fallout Battle Royale to any other BR game? Probably, there’s at least one unbeatable reason, and it’s curiosity. As for other aspects, there are always better options. Diehard Fallout fans have even more reasons to complain that the game isn’t the one they used to love. Battle Royale freaks may name ten reasons why PUBG, Fortnite, or Apex Legends is better.

If you want to make your own opinion, you may try its free demo until June 17th, if it’s not too late when you read it. Even if it is, this free period will foster lots of lets plays on YouTube, and they will help in forming your own opinion.

And… the final release time isn’t set definitely yet, so you can take your time at least until September. Maybe of December. Until then the Wastelands update (that includes Battle Royale) may be reworked, so your impression will differ. But, please, Bethesda, remember it’s Fallout, not any freaking new game, no Fortnite or PUBG. If we wanted PUBG, we’d play it.