Fixing No Man's Sky Worst Bug on PSVR

Francesca Nicasio


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No Man's Sky is a pretty big effort. And like all big projects, it's imperfect. Sadly, the studio's QA team has missed a few spots, while testing it. Namely, the notorious bug that leads to crashes and permanent black screen, which appears whenever you try to use PlayStation VR. Luckily, we know a trick that can solve the issue.

Down with Supersampling

Actually, the Supersampling mode isn't that bad. This feature allows PS4 owners to get the best visual experience from gaming even if their TVs do not support 4k definition. But in our situation, Supersampling mode can be the root of all evil. So, let's get rid of it!

To deactivate it:

1.      Turn on your console.

2.      Access the menu by pushing the right thumbstick.

3.      Scroll to the right.

4.      Select the Settings Menu (little toolbox icon).

5.      Select Video Output Settings and tap X button.

After the menu with the video setting browses, do this:

1.      Scroll down and click the Supersampling Mode.

2.      Uncheck its checkbox.

3.      And finally hit Ok to finish the job.

So now when the Supersampling mode is deactivated, you can enjoy No Man's Sky in virtual reality! This procedure will help you get rid of the black death screens for good. In case it keeps happening — reboot your console.

The game's extraterrestrial landscapes look absolutely stunning on PSVR. And your gaming, along with nearly tactile experience will dramatically change the way your brain perceives the No Man Sky's visuals and objectives. Therefore, it may contribute to making better decisions.

The Bug Hunt Continues

Do you know any other irritating glitches that plague No Man's Sky? How often do you encounter them? Do you know a way to get rid of them? Share your bug-squashing knowledge with us in the comments! And don't forget to show this guide with your friends!