Fortnite Chapter 2 S02: Start/End, Battle Pass, Map, and Everything

Bob Andersen


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So, Fortnite is officially starting the new season of the current chapter. Its name is revealed now, and it’s Top Secret. Like a new season should, it brings new cosmetics, new map elements, new Battle Pass, and a new storyline piece to go through.

After Season 01

When Fortnite started Chapter 2, it changed more than one could imagine. Weapons, items, vehicles, even the map layout – it was all different. The update process even took a 48-hour downtime. Of course, this set of updates was built to last, making the previous season the longest as Fortnite exists. There is a need, though, of innovations constantly on the way. Fans have been stuck in that season and wishing for something to change, so it does. Here is Chapter 2.

The day it starts is February 20. What do we know for sure, and what can we predict with decent chances to hit it? Well, let’s start with the map.

Map Changes

Fortnite Chapter 2 S02 picture 1

It’s not a new chapter, just a new season. So don’t expect as much innovation as the last season brought in. There won’t be a complete revamp, given that the story that started in S01 goes on. But there must be something new! And there is a lot. Landmarks and POIs introduced in the new season are not as few as we consider compared to Season 1, though.

One of them is one you’ll necessarily visit when completing your first big challenge this season. It’s named Apres Ski, and effectively it’s a party barn. It can be found south-west of Misty Meadows, and you better find it sooner, both to complete the mission and to satisfy your curiosity.

Oil Rig is another POI located in Slurpy Swamp, not far from the coast. The henchmen you have seen in the trailer will be there, and it’s also an element of challenges to come. You’ll also find a beautiful yacht and an underwater cave full of sharks.

Spy Style

Fortnite Chapter 2 S02 picture 2

This Fortnite season is stuffed with spy aesthetics and references. The leitmotif of the season reminds (not to the extent of plagiarism, though) the famous James Bond theme by John Barry. It’s too early to predict, but Fortnite won’t surprise its fans if it’s up for a crossover with a new Bond movie scheduled on April. It’s quite a natural move for Fortnite, acting like this constantly. Anyway, Fortnite has become a franchise that can afford anything but growing dull – just like Bondiana.

Battle Pass

Fortnite Chapter 2 S02 picture 3

You May play for free, with no need to pay for any essential items or features. But if you’re a real Fortnite fan, you may want to get the best out of the game, and that’s where Battle Pass steps in.

What can you unlock with it? There are new skins, like that of King Midas, who has made his way from Greek mythology to Fortnite (not to that God of War of yours!), or of Meowscles, an over-muscular buff cat. Tiers necessary to unlock those haven’t been confirmed yet, but they must be high. Probably the Meowscles outfit is one of the most attractive for Battle Pass purchasers.

The rest of what the Battle Pass delivers is familiar to those who bought it before. It opens the way up with challenges you need to accept and win to go further. It also takes Victory Royales to advance. With it you can get better loot, as well as get more tasks and missions. The price of it is also about the same as it was in previous seasons: it’s 950 V-Bucks, and you can get your 1000 V-Bucks directly for $10 or £8. When you purchase it, you get even more V-Bucks in return, so you can spend them in addition to offers included.

The Menu

That’s what has significantly changed (according to flashes on screenshots, at least). As you enter the menu, you see a Challenge table in the middle. Around the table you can see the new characters introduced this season. There is also a hidden vent that may lead you to unlock the Merc with the Mouth himself: Deadpool. Last but not least, you can kit out your heroes right from that very central menu.

Technically Speaking

The client update is said to add about 10 GB to the original size of the game that has never been small. Of course, it’s tempting when the new features aren’t already implemented, but you already have the pack on your drive, so you can disassemble it to look at what’s inside.

So what’s there, actually? Not that much that fans could dig. But still, those gigabytes were worth unpacking, as there were some interesting elements found – or found missing. Here are the new elements of the game that will certainly be introduced as the season starts:

  • You’ll be able to connect to one of the two agencies, named Shadow and Ghost. Each of them will provide you with missions to complete, and they may be connected to your battle royale mission as well as ignoring it at all. The agencies will offer time-limited missions, specific for each agency. You may get certain cosmetics as a reward, maybe even something exclusive.
  • There are secret areas where the best weapons are easier to find, among tons of loot. But you will need special keycards to enter those zones.
  • Phone boots are not bigger on the inside (unless Epic makes a crossover with the Whoniverse), but they still have enough room for you to hide if you need a temporary disguise.
  • It’s time to unvault the good old bolt-action sniper rifle. Along with it, we celebrate the return of damage traps, rocket launchers that have been vaulted, and the SMG.
  • It’s an old helicopter trick by Joe Dante that has been played on fans. Not that the exploding helicopters appeared in trailers actually, but the rumors were insistent. Yet, as far as we can see, there are no helicopters in the game though they were heavily rumored. What a pity…

Anyway, digging through the files doesn’t do the trick completely until we connect it to the server and see the new season start.

Your Grand Expectations

What do you expect from the game – and what do you anticipate deep inside? Do you like that secret agent aesthetics? Would you rather unvault other weapons? And how long do you consider this season to last? Leave us a comment with your thoughts; maybe you’re the new Edgar Cayce. And even if not, it’s fun to compare your visions with the actual game when it’s out.