How to Get More Exp in Halo: Combat Evolved?

Bob Andersen


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Halo: Combat Evolved has premiered on PC not so long ago. It’s a part of The Master Chief Collection. In this game you can pile up experience points and earn armor pieces for Halo: Reach. Moreover, The Master Chief Collection has gone through some renovation recently. And now you can earn even more experience in multiplayer than before. Our guide will show you how.

1. Play Big — Earn Big

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A sure way to amass a monster pile of experience points is to play big battles. To do that, you need to join Big Team Battles. Those can be found on the list of the matches. They involve two teams with 8 players in each. And, as a rule, they last a bit longer than regular combats.

You need to have a bit more time and patience to participate in big battles. But it pays off handsomely: in the long run you win more medals that can be converted into XP points. Besides, you can employ various weapons and vehicles in such battles. They will help you gain a strategic advantage and harvest many innocent souls.

But be careful when mounting a vehicle. If you stand still for too long, you’ll become a target with a big fat red dot on your forehead. Enemy sniper won’t hesitate to put a bullet into your unsuspecting skull. So remember: keep perpetually moving whenever at the wheel.

As for the power weapons, you must use them together with a surprise element. If you managed to grab a Type-33 fuel rod gun, stay unnoticed for as long as possible. When a group of enemies appears, strike immediately, so they won’t know what killed them. The tactic is sure brutal and primitive. But it’s also sure effective.

2. Teamwork

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In Combat Evolved, teamwork means a lot. If you put the effort in helping your bros-in-arms, it will be easier for your squad to weaken and finish an enemy. In return, assisting the team brings medals, which automatically means more XP.

At the same time, if your squad does a solid job at injuring, ambushing and flanking enemies, you can get more multi kills. Moreover, sticking with your ‘wolf pack’ helps you stay alive for a  longer time. Surviving a clash with an enemy team doesn’t bring any rewards. But as long as you’re present on the battlefield, you still can grind more and more frags.

3. Follow the Objectives

Playing by the rules isn’t always fun. Chasing extra frags and ignoring objectives can be seducing, no doubt. But in reality, if you do your best to complete the mission, the bigger pile of experience you will get.

For instance, Capture the Flag will bring you more medals if you actually go and capture the enemy’s banner. Or, if you prefer defense, you can set an improvised permanent fire position and grind kills non-stop. Another way is to be the flag-carrier’s personal bodyguard. The dead bodies of assailants pile up, and so does your XP.

The same applies to the King of the Hill mode. Capturing one of the hills is quite rewarding. Or you can switch to the patient tactic and lay a little ambush at the bottom and greet the approaching enemies with a bullet/laser barrage.

And of course, don’t forget about the Oddball. The longer you hold the skull in your hand — the more experience points accumulate. Or like in the Capture the Flag scenario, you can do a part-time bodyguard job. Protect the Skull carrier at all costs and grab the sweet reward in the end.

Grinding till We Die

So far, these are the most effective techniques to earn XP in Halo: Combat Evolved. Stick to your team, assist whenever you can, lay ambushes and follow the objectives. Do you know any other method of earning experience points in Halo: CE? Share your precious knowledge with us!

The game remaster is available in Steam and Microsoft Store for $10.