Pokemon Sword and Shield: A Championship Is Not A Final Goal

Wendy Hubbert


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Not so long ago, Pokemon Sword and Shield was one of the most discussed games. Everyone wanted to know the price, the platforms available to play on, the plot, new features, improvements, and, of course, the rules of gameplay. It took only a couple of months of calm and now the game is hyped up again. Why? Because some lucky people have already managed to defeat Leon and become the new champions of Galar! 

If you are among the Galar heroes, you may think that the game is over and can be safely deleted. But do not rush to make such decisions! After all, you still have so much to do! You heard right, the game continues even after it seemed to you that you had reached its main goal. What to do next? In this blog post, we will tell you everything.

Now Is The Best Time to Complete The Legendary Quest

As you know, Pokemon Sword and Shied has very few pre-existing Pokemon. Nevertheless, what a Pokemon game will it be without an opportunity to catch the legendary or mythical Pokemon type? In Sword and Shield, you will get this chance only after you become a Galar’s champion. In addition, look at your Pokedex. Missed something?? There is one gap in the shape of Zacian or Zamazenta. Users who play in Sword will have an opportunity to catch Zacian, while Shield’s players will hunt Zamazenta. 

How to do it? Everything is very simple. After the game credits, you will see the prompt that something is happening in Slumbering Weald. Go there and start a Legendary Quest!

Have You Already Get Master and Beast Balls? 

pokemon sword and shield beast ball

Most probably, you haven’t got the balls yet. So, it is time to do it! As you know, Master and Beast Balls are very important tools in all Pokemon games. Both balls act like Pokeballs that allow you to catch Pokemon with a few differences. Master Ball has a 100% catch rate, with it, all the desired Pokemon are yours. With Beast Ball, you have a higher chance of catching Ultra Beasts (Extradimensional Pokemon). But note that it struggles to catch regular Pokemon. Therefore, use them very attentively and only when you really need their power. 

To get these Balls, you need first to return back home to Postwick. Then go to the kitchen, and you will see Professor Magnolia that will give a Master Ball. To get the Beast Ball, you need to go to Stow-on-Side and talk with a local merchant. 

Want To Obtain Charmander For Free? 

Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing are new features introduced in Sword and Shield for the first time. In short, Dynamaxing allows Pokemon to change its size and Gigantamaxing its shape. Only certain types of Pokemon can do it, hence, they are very valuable. Charmander is one of the Pokemon who comes with the Gigantamaxing opportunity. After you become a champion, you can get him for free. And from none other than Leon! Surprised? After you obtain Master and Beast Balls, visit Leon’s house and go upstairs. If you look carefully, you can see a small Poke Ball on the ground. Take it. There will be a letter from Leon that says that in this Poke Ball, there is a rare Charmander that he gives you for free. 

Get Rare League Cards

pokemon sword and shield milo character

Tired of a simple and peaceful life? Want to add some action? Then go to the gyms! There you can take part in new battles between Dynamaxing Pokemon. If you win, you get Gym Leader’s Rare League Card. It is signed by him and signifies the new cool achievement. Talk with any Gym Leader and win a battle against an ultra-powerful Dynamax Pokemon. 

The Rare League Cards you can win: 

  • Milo: battle with a Dynamax Tsareena on Turffield Stadium;
  • Nessa: battle with a Dynamax Gyarados on Hulbury Stadium;
  • Kabu: battle with a Dynamax Torkoal on Motostoke Stadium; 
  • Sword: Bea: battle with a Dynamax Conkeldurr on Stow-on-Side Stadium;
  • Shield: Allister: battle with a Dynamax on Stow-on-Side Stadium;
  • Bede: battle with Bede, the new gym leader on Ballonlea Stadium;
  • Sword: Gordie: battle with a Dynamax Gigalith on Circhester Stadium;
  • Shield: Melony: battle with a Dynamax on Circhester Stadium;
  • Raihan: battle with a Dynamax Haxorus on Hammerlocke Stadium;
  • Piers: get after capturing Zacian or Zamazenta;
  • Rose: get from Oleanna in the Galar Mine;
  • Ball Guy: Ball Guy’s card outside Motostoke Stadium;
  • Leon: win Leon in battle at the Battle Tower;
  • Hop: get from Hop after your final battle at the Slumbering Weald.

Want To Test Your Own Strength? Then Go To Battle Tower!

Pokemon Sword and Shield battle tower

Battle Tower is a great chance to battle with Pokemon that have no less than 50 levels. Here you can earn Battle Points (BP) or other rewards like items or mints. Note that until you are a champion, you have no opportunity to go there. In Battle Tower, you can partake in Double or Single Battles with strong and experienced trainers. In Single Battles, you can bring only three Pokemon. And the rules of Double Battles allow players to involve four Pokemon. To tell the truth, it is a much more interesting battle type because here you need to think more strategically about how your Pokemon can effectively synergize with each other.  

To get there, you need to go to the North of the map. Before this area was closed to you. We recommend you to take a flying taxi to get there faster. 

New Marvelous Move — Steam Beam!

After you become a champion, you will get the chance to learn a new movement by a man in Motosoke — Steam Beam. But you will have to try to find him since the path is not easy. First of all, you need to go to the left upper level of Motosoke, and then go to the south. Your path will run between the Pokémon Center and Budew Inn. Here you need to walk under a turning cog and continue down the stairs unless you reach the cargo crates. The man will be waiting for you there. 

So Many Post Game Opportunities!

As you may have noticed, Sword and Shield has many things that become available only after you manage to become the champion of Galar. New types of Pokemon, new movements, new opportunities and, of course, new battles are waiting for you! Tell us, did you know about such Pokemon Sword and Shield features? Also, share other things and opportunities of the Post-Game in the comments below.