Scientist Skin in Meteoric Rise Fortnite Mission

Francesca Nicasio


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Meteoric Rise is the latest mission that takes place in Fortnite which sends you to explore the game’s map and Rift Zones in particular. For all the hard work, you receive Scientist skin, which is worth all the efforts. This amazing piece of art somewhat reminds us of the time traveler Visitor from Season 4. Now he is busy setting the rift beacons through the map.

Tips on the Mission

The skin looks awesome, but you have to work hard to get it. That is why it is important to learn your steps before you actually decide to go for Scientist skin. There are just 3 skins available, and you have to be faster and smarter than others.

Scientist Skin Meteoric Rise screenshot

Junk Rifts Will Help You to Destroy the Structures

10 in total

Junk Rifts may be the newest invention of Fortnite, but they are cool. Just imagine the trash falling onto your enemies from the sky. They will work perfectly on your enemies, especially on players in BRUTE mechanics.

Go to Various Rift Zones

3 total

Now, you have Loot Lake, Moisty Palms, Tilted Town, Retail Row, and Greasy Grove. You have to visit these areas in order to receive Scientist skin after all. Start in Greasy Grove and go up to the north so that you will end up in Loot Lake or Tilted Town.

Eliminate Your Opponents

7 total

Destroy your opponents. Don’t forget that they have the same task as you do. You have to be really careful and sneaky.

fortnite meteoric rise the scientist skin

Search for Ammo Boxes and Chests

20 total

There maybe a limited amount of goods in these areas. And yet, those who are looking will find. If you want to receive this skin and pass the quest, this may be your life saver and the best way to get what you want.

Top 10 in Solos, Duos or Squads in the Rift Zone

1 total

You don’t have to do much for this task. Just stay close to Top 10. Find a safe place somewhere and chill out after you gathered the loot.

Gather Glitched Foraged Features

4 total

You have to find and gather Glitched Foraged items. After that, you have to consume them. They have different effects that you receive after consuming them. Be careful, they may be hard to get due to their popularity among other players. Remember that numerous areas contain various items that will be enough for you.

Search for the Landing Pod at the Meteor

3 total

You have to touch the glowing cube and enter the Rift territory just above the Loot Lake. After you find the place, start looking for a landing pod. This is one of the hardest tasks, but it will get you really close to your main goal.

 Landing Pod at the Meteor

Why Do These Steps Matter?

This is a chance for you to receive great skin without paying Fornite big money. You can easily buy the skin you love or want via their in-game store. However, if you don’t want to overpay in this game, it is better to perform all these steps and do it faster than other players.

This season has numerous attractions and ways to get your money. And yet, there are some possibilities for players who want to keep their wallets separated from the game. In this article, you received some tips on how to get beautiful skin for free, so go and don’t blow away your chance.

What Do You Think?

If you have something to add to these tips, please do this in the comments. Perhaps some of you may already have Scientist skin, and you can tell us about your experience of getting it. Don’t hesitate to describe your feelings.